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太坏了! 微软谷歌都在新广告中挤兑苹果!“澳门新葡平台网址8883”

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本文摘要:Apple is getting picked on by two of its biggest competitors.苹果这次被他仅次于的两个竞争对手欺负了一番。


Apple is getting picked on by two of its biggest competitors.苹果这次被他仅次于的两个竞争对手欺负了一番。Google and Microsoft used some of Apples well-known user pain points to promote their own services in two separate TV and YouTube ads this month.这个月,谷歌和微软公司利用苹果最广为人知的服务漏洞,在电视和YouTube上为自己的产品服务宣传造势。


Microsoft went after Apple by pitting its new Surface Pro 4 tablet and Cortana smart assistant against the iPad Pro and Siri.微软公司研发了全新的Surface Pro 4平板电脑和Cortana智能服务来对付苹果的iPad Pro和Siri系统。Microsofts new ad shows the iPad and Siri throwing a party for getting a keyboard.在微软公司的新广告中,iPad和Siri因为加装了键盘而大进舞会。Im a computer now, like you, Siri says to Cortana.Siri对Cortana说:“现在也是电脑啦,就像你一样,”So you have more power, like an Intel Core processor? Cortana responds.Cortana问道:“所以你现在有更大驱动了?像因特尔酷睿处理器一样?”Like I said, I just got a keyboard, says Siri.“我说道我只是获得了一个键盘。


”Siri说道。Microsoft then makes Cortana list out several other features of the Surface Pro 4, which leads Siri to concede, Maybe this party wasnt such a good idea.在其后的广告中,Cortana把Surface Pro 4的其他性能佩了一个表给Siri,最后Siri否认道:“好吧,或许这个舞会进得没什么意义。”Microsoft and Apple have a history of going after each other through marketing campaigns: For years, Apple ran a series of anti-PC commercials starring Justin Long and John Hodgman. And this year, Microsoft has been pushing its PCs can do more than Macs message in commercials.微软公司和苹果在营销活动中首演你追我赶的戏码早已有一段历史了。之前是苹果邀演员贾斯汀·隆和约翰·霍奇曼参演了一系列“鼓吹PC”商业大片。

而今年微软公司将“PC比Macs更高能”的信息植入到新的一轮造势宣传中。Google took the first -- and a more gentle -- stab at the Apple in the beginning of August with a 60-second spot about its Google Photos app.谷歌在8月初关于Google Photos app的60秒广告中,就曾首度以直白的方式向苹果挑动了“战争”。

To show off its photos backup service, Googles commercial includes several scenes of smartphone users about to capture a Kodak moment.为了夸耀其照片备份系统服务,谷歌在广告中还展现出了手机使用者捕猎“柯达时刻”的几个场景。As theyre about to take a picture -- when a birthday girl starts to blow out her candles and a humpback whale jumps out of the water -- a pop-up appears to stop them: Storage Full. There is no more room on your phone.”在广告中,当你急忙捕猎过生日女孩刮起蜡烛的瞬间和记录座头鲸游动水面的经典时刻,而你的手机忽然弹头出有“内存已剩,没空间储存照片”。While the design and message resemble what iPhone users see, its not exactly the same. Even so, its clear Google is highlighting the iPhones limited storage problem that it hopes to solve.尽管苹果用户对于设计和信息的解读不尽相同,但是很显著谷歌是在拿iPhone受限的内存问题大做文章。