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印度出产全球最便宜的智能手机 售价只为3英镑!:澳门新葡平台网址8883

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本文摘要:Getting your hands on the worlds cheapest smartphone is not easy.想应从一部全世界“最低廉的智能手机”并不更容易。


Getting your hands on the worlds cheapest smartphone is not easy.想应从一部全世界“最低廉的智能手机”并不更容易。Freedom 251 is an Android phone advertised by Ringing Bells at 251 rupees (2.77 pound). In the hand, it feels somewhat like Apples iPhone 5. And, surprisingly for its price, its specifications are quite impressive:“权利251”是一款安卓智能手机,由Ringing Bells公司发售,售价仅有为251卢比(大约为2.77英镑)。把这款手机拿在手里,感觉类似于iPhone 5。


而且让人惊艳的是,就这个价位来说,这款手机的配备非常不俗:Camera on both front and back; 4in (10.2cm) wide; 8GB internal storage, expandable to 32GB. Quad-core processor providing more processing power when necessary but making less use of its battery at other times. There are two models, one black, one white.它装载了前置摄像头和后置摄像头。4寸(约合10.2厘米)屏幕。




As I handle the handset, it seems to work like a basic smartphone. But it is hard to really test its capabilities, as it has very few applications, covering only basic tasks.当我试用这款手机的时候,它看上去跟一般的智能手机没什么分别。但是知道很难对这款手机的能力展开测试,因为它只有非常少的应用程序,只有一些最基本的应用于。Questions are being asked about whether the company will be able to deliver the millions of handsets it says it can.有人明确提出了疑惑,批评这家公司否能像他们所说的那样,获取数百万台这样的手机。

One member of the Indian parliament, Kirit Somaiya, has even suggested a huge scam is being perpetrated, while the head of the Indian Cellular Association has said the sale seemed to be a joke or a scam.印度议会成员基利兹·索麦亚甚至指出一个“极大的骗局”正在实行,而印度手机协会负责人则回应,这起销售计划看上去是“一个笑话或者一个骗局”。Mohit Goel, the founder and chief executive of Ringing Bells, denies the allegations of fraud. His family has been in the dry fruits business for decades, and he says it was a desire to be part of the digital India dream that drove him to the idea of a cheap handset.Ringing Bells的创始人和CEO莫西兹·低尔坚称了所有的欺诈指控。在过去的几十年里,他的家庭仍然在经营干果做生意。据他回应,想要沦为“数字印度”梦想中的一员的这个心愿,抗拒他生根了“最低廉智能手机”的点子。

There is no denying the demand for such a product. India is the worlds second-largest mobile phone market, with one billion subscribers - many have joined those ranks thanks to other low-cost - but not this low - smartphones.不可否认的是,人们对这种产品的确不存在着市场需求。印度是全球第二大手机市场,享有10亿手机用户--得益于其他廉价智能手机(尽管比不上这一款手机的低价),许多印度人以求沦为手机用户。The new handset is definitely a different model. The most obvious change is that it now has three buttons below its display, rather than just one.这款新手机毫无疑问是一个有所不同的机型。最显著的变化就是,这款手机的显示屏下方有三个按键,而不是只有一个。

The phone costs about 1,180 rupees to make, and Ringing Bells claims to subsidise it via tie-ups with some of the apps that will be pre-installed. Mr Goel says the business will still lose about 150 rupees on each phone and hopes the government will step in with subsidies.这款手机的生产成本约是1180卢比,但是Ringing Bells公司声称,他们和手机中笔记本电脑程序的公司有合作,因此可以获得补贴,从而减少手机的售价。低尔先生回应,从他们目前的业务情况来看,每个手机的成本还是要比售价低150卢比的,他们期望将来政府需要给他们获取更进一步的补贴。